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01/21/2020 11:39:15 PM PST
Aerosmith Invites Joey to Grammys, but He Can't Perform
We just obtained a statement from Aerosmith, saying, "We would be doing a disservice to Joey, to ourselves and to our fans to have him play without adequate time to prepare and rehearse. Compounding this, he chose to file a lawsuit on the Friday…

01/22/2020 12:24:06 AM PST
Tekashi 6ix9ine Shot Down on Request for Home Confinement
Tekashi's girlfriend just shared a seemingly recent pic of the two and a motivational message to her BF. She compares his crimes to Sammy the Bull, saying, "Sammy the Bull kills 19 people and gets 5 years. You kill no one and get 2 years. This s**t…

01/21/2020 3:17:29 PM PST
Taylor Swift Reveals Her Mother's Now Battling a Brain Tumor
Taylor Swift is revealing her mother's new medical crisis -- a brain tumor doctors found while she was already battling a second bout of cancer. The singer opened up about Andrea Swift's struggle Tuesday while discussing her Netflix documentary…

01/21/2020 5:29:42 PM PST
Chris Martin Goes Off on Autograph Seekers After 'Sh***y' Gig
Chris Martin tore a group of autograph hounds a new one for being way too aggressive in trying to get him to scribble on their crap ... a trend that's becoming more common. The Coldplay frontman was fuming Monday night after a charity performance…

01/20/2020 5:00:16 PM PST
Swae Lee Wants to Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl
Swae Lee is making his pitch to sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LV next year ... by showing off his falsetto. We got one half of the hip-hop duo, Rae Sremmurd, at Beauty and Essex Sunday night and asked him about Demi Lovato singing the…

01/20/2020 9:00:30 AM PST
Diddy, Faith Evans Plan Big Night at Biggie's Hall of Fame Induction
Diddy and Faith Evans played central roles in Notorious B.I.G.'s life and in the immediate success that followed ... so it's only fitting they'll be front and center when Biggie gets inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Sources close to…

01/20/2020 3:25:42 PM PST
The Game Gives Money to Kids Selling Candy to Avoid Police Hassle
The Game helped some kids out of a jam with police that left everyone happy ... but he had to shell out some cash to make it happen. The rapper was leaving Beauty & Essex restaurant Sunday night when he noticed officers were speaking to a group…

01/20/2020 8:01:59 AM PST
Tell It To My Heart Singer Taylor Dayne 'Memba Her?!
New York-native Taylor Dayne (real name Leslie Wunderman) used her powerful vocals and an epic hair crimper to shoot to stardom in the late 80s after her first single "Tell It To My Heart" became a worldwide hit ... followed up by "Prove Your…

01/19/2020 11:15:23 PM PST
Blueface Says Tekashi's Bodyguards Are Smart for Passing on the Job
Blueface has no sympathy for Tekashi 6ix9ine's security woes -- and as for his old hired muscle giving him the cold shoulder ... BF supports it, cause a job's not worth dying over. We got the rapper leaving Bootsy Bellows in L.A. this weekend, and…

01/19/2020 8:51:59 PM PST
Johnny Depp Jams on Guitar During High School Charity Concert
Johnny Depp didn't shy away from the spotlight this weekend when the opportunity to rock and roll presented itself ... if anything, he stepped up to the plate and hit a homer. The actor popped up in Anaheim, CA Saturday night, where he performed…

01/19/2020 7:32:17 PM PST
Michelle Obama Releases 2020 Workout Playlist, Oldies & Edited
Michelle Obama is taking a wholesome approach to the new year -- clinging to the past by working out to songs that are a few to several years old ... most being curse-free. The former first lady put out her 2020 workout playlist Sunday, and it…

01/19/2020 8:50:49 AM PST
Bhad Bhabie Cures Social Media Troll Blues with $65k in Diamonds
Bhad Bhabie is fixing her social media woes with some good old-fashioned retail therapy ... shedding dollars instead of tears. The "Hi Bich" rapper announced last week she was taking a break from her social accounts thanks to some serious trolling.…

01/19/2020 8:40:04 AM PST
Toccara Jones Says Lizzo's Body-Shaming Haters Are Insecure
Toccara Jones is rushing to Lizzo's defense against an army of body-shaming haters ... she says critics are just insecure, and yet she's calling Jillian Michaels a "heifer." The ex-"America's Next Top Model" contestant thinks it's crazy body…

01/19/2020 8:20:56 AM PST
Vic Mensa Arrested for Felony Possession of Brass Knuckles
Vic Mensa's learning a tough lesson about Cali life -- a little weed is legal, but a little piece of metal could land you in prison ... at least if you're talking brass knuckles. And, we are. The rapper/punk rocker was riding a motorcycle in…

01/18/2020 9:25:57 PM PST
Rihanna Surfaces to Hang Out with A$AP Rocky After Hassan Split
K. Michelle is no stranger to breakups, and she had just about the most perfect advice for  RiRi on the heels of her own. We got the 'Love & Hip Hop' star Saturday and asked if she had any words of wisdom for Rihanna after breaking it off…

01/18/2020 9:02:57 PM PST
Antonio Brown Performs First Show in FL, Throws Cash Onstage
Antonio Brown is transitioning into his latest career with relative ease -- he performed for the first time as a rapper, and he's got one signature move of the game DOWN. The out-of-work wide receiver made his debut on the mic Friday night in Fort…

01/18/2020 9:00:00 AM PST
Taylor Swift Gym Appointment Collides with Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift likes her workouts solo -- as in she doesn't just book a trainer, she books a gym -- sorry Justin Bieber. Here's the deal ... Justin was at Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood with a bunch of people, but then Taylor and her crew rolled up.…

01/18/2020 7:27:34 PM PST
DaBaby Assaults Hotel Worker, Says He Did It for Daughter's Safety
DaBaby is setting the record straight on why he pushed the hotel employee, and he says it's because the guy was allegedly harassing him while he was in the company of his young daughter. DB says the guy was attempting to film him outside of the…

01/18/2020 3:09:44 PM PST
Cardi B Wears Rubbery Black Leather Dress at Paris Fashion Week
Cardi B has plenty of game on the fashion front, but she outdid herself Friday at Paris Fashion Week. She was at Richard Orlinski's fashion show -- a show which she stole with an outfit which is right on the line. Check out the eyes -- pretty…

01/18/2020 8:50:36 AM PST
Tekashi 6ix9ine's Ex-Bodyguards Won't Protect Him Again Regardless of Pay
Tekashi 6ix9ine's going to be more at risk than ever when he's released from prison -- not just because he'll be a snitch on the streets -- but because his muscle's bailed on him. Several of the rapper's former bodyguards have parted ways with him…

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