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04/03/2020 1:02:19 AM PST
YNW Melly Says He Tested Positive For COVID-19 While Awaiting Trial
YNW Melly says he tested positive for COVID-19 while awaiting trial in Florida for his double-murder case ... and he says he's gonna ask for a restricted release from jail. The rapper's team claims he got a positive diagnosis for coronavirus…

04/02/2020 10:42:44 PM PST
Kanye West Satisfies Coronavirus Quarantine Cravings at McDonald's
Kanye West is venturing out for essential business -- as in, feeding himself ... and he satisfied his hunger with a Mickey D's run. Yeezy headed out Thursday to a Golden Arches in Calabasas and picked up some fast-food and coffee. It's the first…

04/02/2020 7:03:06 PM PST
Pop Smoke 911 Call, Total Chaos in Moments After Fatal Shooting
Moments after Pop Smoke was shot someone called 911, but the only thing the dispatcher on the other end could hear was pandemonium and no one willing to provide details. TMZ's obtained the 911 call made from the Hollywood Hills rental property…

04/02/2020 1:53:22 PM PST
Rob Gronkowski Teases NFL Return After 'Masked Singer' Cut, 'You Never Know'
Fire back up the NFL return rumors for Rob Gronkowski ... after he was cut from "The Masked Singer" Wednesday, he refused to close the door on his football career once again!! Gronk had been participating on the blind singing show this season ...…

04/02/2020 1:45:49 PM PST
Cardi B's Stomach Pains Force Trip to ER Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Cardi B is recovering after a trip to the ER for severe stomach pains she says she'd been suffering for days. The rapper revealed Wednesday night that after experiencing "some real bad stomach problems for 4 days" ... she made the decision Tuesday…

04/02/2020 7:40:04 AM PST
Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson Topping Book Sales During Pandemic
Book worms are turning to a holy trinity to bring them light and guidance in the coronavirus pandemic ... Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson and Jesus Christ. Here's the deal ... book sales are up across the board as more and more Americans are…

04/02/2020 7:01:09 AM PST
Len Singer Marc Costanzo 'Memba Him?!
Canadian musician Marc Costanzo was in his mid-20s when he gained fame as the fun-loving frontman of the Ontario-based, pop-rock band, Len ... who famously dropped the anthem of the summer in '99, "Steal My Sunshine." While many of the bandmates…

03/31/2020 2:36:56 PM PST
'Stacy's Mom' Songwriter Adam Schlesinger Dead at 52 from Coronavirus
4/1 Adam's attorney, Josh Grier, says Schlesinger died Wednesday as a result of coronavirus complications. He was 52. RIP. Adam Schlesinger -- co-founder of the "Stacy's Mom" band Fountains of Wayne -- is fighting for his life as he battles…

04/01/2020 5:45:13 PM PST
Nick Cannon Pimps Out His Impala with Custom Nipsey Hussle Tribute
Nick Cannon still has Nipsey Hussle in his thoughts and all over his classic car ... thanks to this sweet new artwork. Nick recently got his 1964 SS Impala's trunk repainted with a custom tribute to the late rapper -- who was gunned down in South…

03/31/2020 8:52:43 PM PST
Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving Pay Tribute to Nipsey Hussle 1 Year After Death
It's been exactly one year since Nipsey Hussle was shot dead in L.A. -- but his memory lives on ... and some of the biggest athletes in the world are paying tribute to the fallen rapper. Hussle's music definitely struck a chord with athletes in all…

03/31/2020 8:34:04 PM PST
R. Kelly Insists Prison is Petri Dish for COVID-19, Again Demands Release
R. Kelly's firing back at prosecutors who say he shouldn't get released early due to coronavirus risks -- arguing prison is a petri dish, and insisting he can't properly prep for trial from jail. The singer's legal team filed a reply to the feds'…

03/31/2020 8:22:28 PM PST
Ohio University's Marching 110 Does Virtual Fight Song From Home
You've seen virtual birthday parties. Virtual weddings. Even a virtual bris! But, have you seen an entire college marching band come together from their own homes to jam out their school's FIGHT SONG?! Well, you have now! Check out the Ohio…

03/31/2020 12:06:25 AM PST
Cardi B Not Allowed to Start GoFundMe for Joe Exotic, Violates Rules
Cardi just responded to our story, and it seems like she wasn't serious about raising money for Joe's defense. Still, Cardi's a big fan of the 'Tiger King' star. She says she loves Joe and he definitely needs better legal representation. If Cardi B…

03/30/2020 8:01:32 PM PST
Pitbull Wants People to Educate Themselves On Virus, But Not Be Scared
Pitbull is telling folks how we can come together and beat the coronavirus, and it's a simple concept -- knowledge is power!!! The Miami rapper joined us Monday on "TMZ Live," and talked about Florida's response to the pandemic. He gives law…

03/30/2020 6:35:54 PM PST
'American Idol' Season Abandons Filming in Studio Because of Coronavirus
The folks at "American Idol" tried to make it work, but ultimately they had to jettison plans to produce the show in the studio, but TMZ has learned the show may still go on. Producers sent an email to the crew, saying, "As we continue to monitor…

03/30/2020 1:52:25 PM PST
Drake Shares First Photos of Son Adonis, Blue Eyes & Blonde Afro
Drake's finally ready to show us what his kid looks like -- and if you had blonde hair and blue-ish eyes in your office Adonis pool ... you're a big winner. The rapper posted the first-ever photos of his 2-year-old son, Adonis, early Monday…

03/30/2020 10:28:31 PM PST
Elton John's iHeart Living Room Concert Goes Off Without a Hitch
Reports say the show raised more than $1 million to help combat the coronavirus. Elton John and friends -- including Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Alicia Keys -- successfully put on a concert from the confines of their own homes ... while raising…

03/29/2020 8:16:54 PM PST
'John Deere Green' Country Singer Joe Diffie Dead at 61 From Coronavirus
Country star Joe Diffie -- who skyrocketed to fame with his hit "John Deere Green" -- has died from the coronavirus ... this according to his team. The Grammy-winning singer passed away Sunday due to complications from the disease known as…

03/29/2020 8:00:13 AM PST
Band Behind Joe Exotic's Songs in 'Tiger King' Hoping for Record Deal
Many 'Tiger King' fans were stunned to find out Joe Exotic doesn't sing his own songs, but there's a real band behind those cat-themed country tunes ... and it hopes the hit Netflix docuseries leads to a record deal. For those who haven't watched…

03/29/2020 1:30:34 PM PST
Pitbull Records Coronavirus Song, 'I Believe We Will Win'
Pitbull is doing his part to lift the spirits of a frightened, uncertain world in pain with a new song ... specifically directed at beating the coronavirus. Mr. Worldwide posted a portion of a video for the song, "I Believe We Will Win." Pit is at…

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